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Flow Reactor Studies Over Wide Temperature and Pressure Ranges of Atom and Radical Reaction Rates Important in Ignition and Combustion.

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Final rept. 16 Feb 81-15 Feb 85,

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The completed research consists of critical evaluations of atom and radical reactions in terms of rate theory, the measurement of elementary reaction rate parameters for several important reactions, and the building and use of a new flow system for the study of tdhe H O2 M yields HO2 M recombination. The experimental studies include the establishment of the primary products of the O C2H4 reaction, viz. C2H3O H in approximately 80 yield the measurement of five H-atom abstraction reactions of OH with C2H6 and four Cl-and F-substituted ethanes the proof, by use of 18O, that the fast reaction O HO2 yields OH O2 proceeds via an intermediate HO3 adduct and the first direct measurement, by laser-induced fluorescence, of the CH3O NO2 reaction rate over the temperature range 250 to 473 K. The 18O NO, O2 isotope exchange reaction rates were measured and compared with theory, and a new, higher pressure flow reactor apparatus was built and the rate constants for H02M measured at 298K for M He, N2, CH4, and H2O. KeywordsReaction rate parameters Flow reactors O-atom, OH-radical, CH3O-radical reactions Transition state theory, Three-parameter rate constant expressions Radical-radical reactions 18O isotope exchange reactions H O2 M recombination Ethane Etylene.

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