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Finger Materials for Air Cushion Vehicles. Volume 1. Flexible Coatings for Finger Materials.

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Final rept. Jan 78-Apr 81,

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Twenty polymer formulations from ten selected gum rubber polymers or polymer blends and fourteen formulations of castable liquid polyurethane polymers were characterized as coatings for the coated fabric that is the type material used to make flexible fingers for air cushion vehicles. The formulations were screened for crack growth and flexural fatigue resistance the results were compared to results from a naturak rubbercisabutadiene blend control coating. In addition, selected polymers were evaluated with primary and secondary characterization tests and the results compared to results from the control formulation. One polymer also was used to evaluate the use of a reticulated carbon black to improve thermal conductivity. Several polymers had better crack growth resistance and a number had better flexural fatique resistance than the control polymer. A clorinated polyethylene polymer coated on nylon fabric had properties equivalent to the control polymer coated on nylon fabric. Hysteresis tests at different rates of deformation yielded results which suggested that the standard tests may not identify polymers with improved performance on air cushion vehicles. Woven fabric, knit, and mat structures were evaluated as reinforcements for polymer coatings the knit and mat structures were not as efficient on a strength-to-weight basis as woven fabrics. Originator supplied key words include Gum Rubber Polymers, Castable Liquid Polyurethanes, Rubber Coated Fabrics, SESAir Cushion Vehicle Flexible Materials, SkirtSeal Materials.

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  • Coatings, Colorants and Finishes
  • Textiles
  • Elastomers and Rubber
  • Surface Effect Vehicles and Amphibious Vehicles

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