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Deployment Area Selection and Land Withdrawal/Acquisition. M-X/MPS (M-X/Multiple Protective Shelter) Environmental Technical Report. Steel Industry.

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Preliminary final environmental impact statement.

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The steel production system is comprised of several industries in addition to that of the steel mill itself. Mining industries supply iron ore, coke, and limestone. Steel is produced, and often passed on to another industry specializing in fabrication of particular steel products. The construction of the M-X system would require substantial quantities of rebar and steel plate. Steel is made by two principal processes, hot and cold. The hot metal process produces new steel from ore and other raw materials. A third type of furnace, the electric arc furnace, is the most prevalent in the cold metal process. The production of steel has a major influence on the United States economy because of its widespread use as a basic material. Steel prices are a key factor in overall price levels. Price goals have been determined as nearly as possible by adding a target rate of return to fully allocated production costs. The primary restraints on these target price increases have been potential loss of steel markets to imports, and government opposition. The volatility in capacity utilization helps to explain the price stability of most steel mill products and can, in turn, be explained by the nature of steel prices. If producers maintain production at high levels during an economic downturn while reducing prices to clear inventories, large revenue losses result. If, on the other hand, the price is maintained or even raised and production is adjusted downward to meet demand, revenues are much higher and rapid recovery. The best measure of United States steel consumption is total shipments of steel mill products. Tables of data and charts are on display.

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  • Economics and Cost Analysis
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