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Interactive Graphics Simulator: Design, Development, and Effectiveness/Cost Evaluation.

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Final rept. Apr 81-Sep 84,

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This report covers the design, development, implementation, and evaluation of a new task and videodisc-based simulator, the Interactive Graphics Simulator IGS. The test vehicle was the 6883 Converter Flight Control Test Station and its associated training course at Lowry AFB, Colorado. The computer-based simulator provided for task emulation of job planning tasks, as well as for equipment manipulation tasks. The simulation system provided a means of on-line task analysis, of simulation development from the task data base, of presenting simulations to students, and of adapting simulation presentation to the level of student achievement. Simulation lessonware covered both procedural equipment operation and troubleshooting activities. A comparative study was performed with 22 students using the actual equipment trainer AET during training and 21 students using the IGS. Evaluation of the outcomes included training effectiveness analyses based on a conventional ATC block test, on a hands-on equipment operating procedures test, on a paper-and-pencil troubleshooting test, and on a predictive job performance test. The IGS-trained students performed significantly better on the troubleshooting test however, no other significant performance differences were found. A comparison of the IGS and AET costs showed the IGS to be substantially less expensive in terms of acquisition and operating costs. Student attitudes toward the IGS were favorable, and the system operated extremely well in a standard ATC classroom environment.

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