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Crewstation Assessment of Reach as Applied to the OH-58A Helicopter

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Master's thesis

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A computer evaluation program, Crewstation Assessment of Reach CARII, was utilized to determine the effectiveness of an evaluation designed for a single person workstation on a two person workstation. The workstation chosen for evaluation was the U.S. Army Helicopter OH-58A. To compensate for the multiple person workstation, the cockpit was defined from three points of view as follows the pilot while flying, the copilot while flying and an observer in the copilotss station. Through an internal mechanism in the CAR program, a sample of link-men was generated from the means and standard deviations of twelve anthropometric measurements from the data of the 1970 survey of U.S. Army aviators. These link-men were then evaluated for their accommodation to the 24 controls defined in the workstation. Through the example of the relocation of one control, it was demonstrated that an evaluation tool such as CAR should be utilized in the design process. The problem of this study was to determine the effectiveness of the design of a two-person shared workstation by using a computerized evaluation method designed to evaluate the percent population accommodated by a single person workstation.

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  • Helicopters
  • Personnel Management and Labor Relations
  • Computer Programming and Software
  • Human Factors Engineering and Man Machine Systems

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