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Report on Cancellation of the NSS (Non-Self Sustaining) Containership Pretest of the Joint Logistics-Over-The-Shore (LOTS) Test and Evaluation Program.

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Final rept. Dec 75-Sep 76,

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The LOTS feasibility study proposed a pretest to determine whether a non-self-sustaining containership could be used for LOTS equipment deployment. This pretest was planned to consist of in-port loading and off-shore discharge of selected heavy, outsized, mission-essential LOTS equipment using current Service assets, augmented by temporary, readily available load spreading materials and dunnage. Engineering analysis of the crane-on-deck approach showed that the task would require two 140-ton cranes operating in tandem, emplaced on platforms designed to transfer the loads from crane outriggers to the strong points of the ship. The platform design and fabrication would represent a development program with a cost exceeding a half million dollars. The Services were not able to undertake the necessary development so the pretest was cancelled. The conclusion derived is that the Services do not now have a usable capability to deploy LOTS equipment aboard a non-self-sustaining containership. Present estimates of necessary crane load capacity derating for use aboard ship would also preclude use of Army 140-ton cranes aboard the containership for significant LOTS equipment deployment in the future. This conclusion applies only to heavy and outsized LOTS equipment and does not imply that crane-on-deck arrangements would be unsuitable for off-loading equipment that weighs less than 27.8 short tons.

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