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Shielded Enclosures for Experimental Studies of Shielding Topology.

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Final rept. Jun 82-Nov 83,

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The report discusses the effort to provide shielded enclosures for EMP experimental studies of shielding topology. Section I discusses the theoretical modeling for which scattering matrices of subshields and their norms are used to relate the internal signals to the electromagnetic source environment. Both the line and aperture penetrations are included in the scattering matrix formulation. Experimental and analytical methods are proposed for estimating parameters of the scattering matrices. It is pointed out in the discussion that these methods can, in turn, be employed to analyze the overall shielding performance and to synthesize the subshield requirements of a system. The discussion in Section I includes an illustrative example. Section II describes experiments to characterize and quantify the shielding performance of a rectangular metal enclosure containing various line and aperture penetrations. Experimental techniques and procedures are given for obtaining certain parameters involved in the theoretical model for bounding the shielding performance of an enclosure. Techniques for evaluation of the accuracy of the theoretical calculation and its comparison to measured data are also discussed. Section III describes specifications that were developed to construct two shielded enclosures, one with a single layer topology and one with a double layer topology. Details are given on the mechanical design of the two enclosures, and on the design of various replaceable panels that can be used to test the accuracy of the theoretical model. Section IV describes the experimental results of the shielding performance of the two enclosures constructed by SRI International. Author.

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  • Theoretical Mathematics
  • Electricity and Magnetism
  • Electromagnetic Pulses

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