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Product Improvement of the LVT7A1 Family of Vehicles and the Development of an LVTE7A1 Variant

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The LVT7 family of vehicles LVTP7, LVTC7, and LVTR7 was fielded in 1972 with a designed service life of 10 years. In order to maintain an assault amphibian capability for the years between the end of the LVT7 planned service life and the introduction of the LVTX, the Marine Corps established the LVT7A1 Service Life Extension Program. This comprehensive rebuild effort incorporated a variety of engineering improvements designed to increase vehicle reliability, maintainability, and durability. Because of the urgency involved in fielding a replacement vehicle for the LVT7, many technological advances in firepower, armor protection, NBC, and mobility were not available for integration into the LVT7A1 configuration. The requirements, characteristics, and capabilities stated herein are established as guides for a systematic product improvement effort to increase the combat capability and survivability of the LVT7A1 on the modern battlefield during its life cycle. The product improved LVT7A1PI will be subject to worldwide employment in all levels of conflict and environments. The LVT7A1 PI will be assigned to the assault amphibian and tracked vehicle battalions. The Initial Operational Capability IOC for the LVT7A1 is scheduled for the second quarter of FY84. The IOC for the LVT7A1 PI in the areas of firepower, survivability, waterborne mobility, communications, and obstacle clearing will be from FY85 to FY88.

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  • Surface Effect Vehicles and Amphibious Vehicles
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