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Molecular Order and Solidification Processes in Organic Liquids and Solutions.

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Purpose of this program was to study behavior of lubricants subjected to high temperatures and pressures as in ball bearings. Solutions of organic acids in hydrocarbons were selected as prototype lubricants and a diamond anvil high pressure cell was used for the observations. SHORT AND LONG RANGE ORDER STUDIES-Past studies have indicated the possibility of aggregation of acid molecules at high, but constant pressure. In order to check this observation, equipment was needed to precisely and to rapidly obtain both pressure measurements and infrared spectra. Accordingly, a combination microscope and beam condenser stage for the high pressure cell was constructed. We determined that at high pressure acid aggregation was occurring, but the pressure measurements indicated that the pressure was slightly increasing, probably due to gasket extrusion. Thus the increased hydrogen bonding or aggregation was a result of this slight pressure increase. Long range order was tested by means of polarized infrared spectra. No changes in the dichroic ration were detected indicating no evidence of long range order. KINETIC AND REACTION MECHANISM STUDIES showed a small amount of monomer formation at elevated temperatures. Only after monomer appeared did salt formation commence and then the rate of organic salt formation appeared to be proportional to the rate of monomer formation, indicating that salt was formed from the monomer.

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  • Lubricants and Hydraulic Fluids

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