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Genetic and Molecular Studies of the Phlebotomus Fever Group of Viruses.

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Annual rept. 1 Sep 80-31 Aug 81,

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The viral induced polypeptides, immune precipitated from infected cell extracts by their homologous antisera, have been characterized for KAR, AGU, BUE, CDU, SFS and SFN viruses. Several alternate isolates of PT virus obtained from the eastern, central and western regions of Panama have been cloned and their L, M and S RNA species fingerprinted and shown to be distinctrelated to each other depending on the virus isolate. By dual wild-type virus crosses, reassortant viruses have been obtained between prototype PT and an alternate PT isolate PT-ada. The genotypes of 2 such reassortants were shown by fingerprint analyses to be the LMS combinations of adaPTada and PTPTada. The N polypeptides of PT-ada and prototype PT viruses can be distinguished by tryptic peptide analyses allowing the N polypeptides of the reassortants to be analyzed. By such analyses it has been shown that their S RNA codes for the virion N polypeptide. From S mRNA in vitro translation analysis, this conclusion has been confirmed, with results that also indicate that the S mRNA directs the synthesis of a non-structural polypeptide NSs that appears to be unrelated by primary sequence to the viral N polypeptide. Dual wild-type virus infections have failed to detect reassortant virus formation between PT and BUE viruses, and BUE and ICO viruses.

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