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Establishment of a Computer-Aided Design (CAD)/Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM) Process for the Production of Cold Forged Gears

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Final technical rept. 11 Nov 1982-10 Jan 1984 on Phase 1

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In Phase I of the program, computer-aided design techniques have been developed to design the dies for cold forging spur and helical gears. The geometry of the spur and the helical has been obtained from the kinematics of the hobbingshaper machines and cutters. Analysis of forging load was done using both slab and finite element methods. These computed loads were compared in modeling trials with lead as the model material using production tooling. The theoretical and experimental results compared well with each other. The tool geometry was then corrected for elastic deformation due to forming and shrinkage effects due to interference fit of the die assembly. Provision has also been made in the computer program to modify the geometry for temperature differentials if warm or hot forming must be used in special cases. Wire electrical discharge machining paths for manufacturing both the die and punch for spur gear forming and machine settings hobbing or shaping to cut the electrode for a helical die were then computed using the corrections described above. A computer program called GEARDI developed in this phase performs all of the above. In Phase II of the project, dies designed using the computer program GEARDI will be manufactured and production trials will be conducted to validate the program.

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  • Manufacturing and Industrial Engineering and Control of Production Systems

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