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Inspection of Sonar Dome Rubber Windows Using Collimated Photon Scattering.

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Final rept. 4 Mar-6 Jun 83,

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Laboratory measurements have been performed on a test piece of sonar dome rubber window SDRW which demonstrate the feasibility of using the collimated photon scattering CPS technique to detect and measure defects, especially voids, in SDRW. The CPS technique was originally identified by IRT as a powerful industrial inspection method for certain nondestructive evaluation tasks about eight years ago and has since been successfully implemented by IRT in industrial inspection machines. This research effort has demonstrated that CPS can distinguish between air and water filled voids in addition to detecting their presence, precise location size. Computer data display in two and three-dimensional plots which clearly show presence, location, size, and air of water filled status of voids. A conceptual design is presented which demonstrates that CPS can be readily implemented in terms of practical, operational inspection hardware suitable for the indock inspection of domes installed in ships and for newly manufactured domes on a hydrotest fixture. Basic design parameters have been estimated and a scenario is operational hardware in about 27 months at an estimated total budgetary price of about 1.3 million. This schedule could be significantly shortened with the acceptance of some program concurrency and at some increase in price. Operational hardware could be engineered to be suited for operation by Navy personnel, or by IRT personnel on a service basis if that approach were selected.

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  • Elastomers and Rubber
  • Test Facilities, Equipment and Methods
  • Acoustics
  • Quantum Theory and Relativity

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