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The Army Education Information System (AREIS): A Conceptualization

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AREIS is composed of four parts. It is designed to allow a user to move easily from any one soldier subsystem to either of the other two. Subsystem I, Orientation, provides an overview of 1 the content and capabilities of AREIS itself, 2 all ACES programs, and 3 the services of the Education Center. All first-time users of AREIS enter the system through Orientation. Subsystem II, Self-Information assists users to identify or clarify work-related interests, aptitudesskills, and values. Users may taken an assessment device on line at the terminal or they may have interpreted scores of tests, such as ASVAB, taken off line. The information gained in this subsystem assists the user with goal formulation. Subsystem III, Goals and Planning, provides users with short-range and long-range goals for time in the Army or after leaving the service. AREIS asks the user to select a goal it then provides information about all ACES programs which will help the user reach that goal. Computer storage of Form 669 will help personalize the information supplied by this subsystem. Subsystem IV, the Counselor-Administrator Subsystem, is central to AREIS. It overlaps with parts I, II, and III and provides the data files which are accessed by both the soldier and the counselor. Other parts of this subsystem cannot be accessed by soldiers they deal directly with counselor- administrator functions, such as modification of Form 669 or course registration, and are helpful for planning and reporting purposes.

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