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The METEOR Software Package for Analysis of Meteorological Data.

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The METEOR software package was developed at NRL to aid in collecting and analyzing meteorological data. It consists of four FORTRAN programs and is currently in use on a DEC System-10. All four programs were designed for ease of use and require a minimal amount of effort on the part of the user. The programs are capable of sorting data according to source, creating large data files, processing these files, and producing printed and plotted output as required. Versatility was a prime objective in creating these programs. They have been written in a modular fashion so that functions may easily be added or changed. In addition, the user may select from a variety of options within each program, thus allowing the software to be tailored to specific requirements at execution time. This is accomplished through the use of a command file which provides instructions to the various programs. One program is interactive and conducts a dialog with the user in order to ascertain what data is to be processed and which functions are to be performed. The output of this program is the command file described above. The remaining three programs require no interaction and may be used in a batch mode. Each of these produces error messages whenever unexpected conditions are encountered. Insofar as possible, these messages were intended to be self-explanatory. If more details are required, each program also contains a complete list of error messages and an explanation of each. This report includes descriptions of the programs, examples of the required inputs, and copies of typical program outputs. Complete source listings are also provided.

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