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Maintenance Training Simulator Design and Acquisition: ISD-Derived Training Equipment Design.

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This technical paper presents a model for documenting training equipment designs derived from an Instructional System Development ISD analysis. The model contains blanks to be completed by the ISD analysts. Since the model is appropriate for documenting various kinds of possible designs, the model is accompanied by an appendix, which provides instructions for applying the model. The model provides a method for communicating a specific training equipment design to the Simulator System Program Office SimSPO after the ISD analysis has established a need for a maintenance trainer. The model has been specifically organized and formatted so that it can be easily used by SimSPO personnel to prepare the procurement specification that eventually goes to contractors for bids. The model provides the ISD analysts an opportunity to specify such design information as a characteristics of the target population who will use the trainer, b a list of the training objectives to be achieved using the trainer, c a list of the tasks to be practiced andor acquired on the trainer and a list of the malfunctions to be presented by the trainer for isolation andor correction, d a scenario discussing how the trainer will be used to achieve the specified training objectives, e a list of the physical and functional characteristics of the components to be represented on the trainer, and f a description of the instructional features required on the trainer to facilitate training objective achievement. When utilized, the model will standardize the communication between ISD and SimSPO personnel. Author

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