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National Dam Safety Program. Scotty's Lake Dam (MO 10271), Missouri - Nemaha - Nodaway Basin, Buchanan County, Missouri. Phase I Inspection Report.

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The purpose of this inspection was to make an assessment of the general condition of the dam with respect to safety, based upon available data and visual inspection, in order to determine if the dam poses hazards to human life or property. The inspection and evaluation indicates the spillway does not meet the criteria set forth in the guidelines for a dam having this size and hazard potential. The emergency spillway will pass neither the probable maximum flood nor 50 percent of the probable maximum flood without overtopping but will pass 10 percent of the probable maximum flood, which is less than the estimated 100-year flood. The dam will pass a 10-year event without being overtopped. The spillway design flood recommended by the guidelines is 50 to 100 percent of the probable maximum flood. The probable maximum flood is defined as the flood discharge that may be expected from the most severe combination of critical meteorologic and hydrologic conditions that are reasonably possible in the region. Deficiencies visually observed by the inspection team were erosion and sloughing of the upstream embankment, erosion and sloughing of the downstream embankment, seepage, and the presence of excessive trees on the downstream embankment slope. There were no observed deficiencies or conditions existing at the time of the inspection which indicated an immediate safety hazard. Future corrective action and regular maintenance will be required to correct or control the described deficiencies. In addition, detailed seepage and stability analyses of the existing dam, as required by the guidelines, should be performed.

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  • Hydrology, Limnology and Potamology
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