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National Dam Inspection Program. Pocono Mountain Lake Dam (NDI I.D. Number PA-00767, PennDER I.D. Number 52-171) Delaware River Basin, Toms Creek, Pike County, Pennsylvania. Pocono Mountain Lake Estates Community Association. Phase I Inspection Report,

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Based on a visual inspection, operational history, and available engineering data, the dam is considered to be in good condition. The size classification of the facility is small and its hazard classification is considered to be high. In accordance with the recommended guidelines, the Spillway Design Flood SDF for the facility ranges between the 12 PMF Probable Maximum Flood and the PMF. Since the facility is classified near the lower bounds of the small category, the SDF is considered to be the 12 PMF. Results of the hydrologic and hydraulic analysis indicate the facility is capable of accommodating a 12 PMF event. Specifically, the facility will pass andor store about 84 percent of the PMF prior to embankment overtopping. Consequently, the spillway is considered adequate. It is recommended that the owner immediately a Exterminate burrowing animals that are possibly inhabiting the embankment and refill their burrows with earth. b Repair all deteriorated concrete associated with the spillway. c Continue to observe, in all future inspection, the seepage encountered downstream of the outlet conduit noting any turbidity andor changes in rate of flow. d Develop formal manuals of operation and maintenance to ensure future proper care and operation of the facility. Included in the manuals should be a formal warning system for the notification of downstream inhabitants should hazardous embankment conditions develop with provisions for around-the-clock surveillance of the facility during periods of unusually heavy precipitation. Author

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