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Spill Assessment Model (SAM) Procedure for Manual Field Calculations.

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Final rept. Feb 79-Feb 80.

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The objective of the field procedure is to provide a means of rapidly assessing the approximate extent of concentrations in water in excess of hazard levels by application of the spill assessment model SAM. This manual provides a simple calculation procedure that can be rapidly applied in the field to obtain estimates of the potential extent of hazard levels from a discharge of soluble hazardous materials into navigable waterways. These field procedures have been derived from complex analytical and computer based models describing the behavior of certain types of spilled chemicals in water as developed in ESL-TR-80-07. The calculation procedures for field use have been developed in the form of a series of graphs and tables, and permit hazard extent estimates to be rapidly made when time or resources are not available for more complex computation. The data required for these field computations can be immediately obtained or estimated. The procedures for field use may be applied to obtain estimates of the concentration in water resulting from the spill of a soluble chemical having a density close to that of water. It is assumed that the chemical is fully soluble in water, and that all the discharged chemical goes into solution with water. In particular, effects of chemical reactions, phase changes, or vaporization from a spreading liquid are not incorporated These assumptions lead to estimates of concentrations in water that are conservative. The part of SAM utilized as the basis for the field calculations addresses only instantaneous point source discharges into a flowing river.

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  • Numerical Mathematics
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