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Numerical Computation of Electromagnetic Scattering by Inhomogeneous Penetrable Bodies

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Different approaches for studying scattering by inhomogeneous dielectric bodies are considered. The unimoment method, a differential equation approach, and the integral equation approach are discussed in detail. The integral equation approach with unknown equivalent surface currents is selected for further study. For this formulation layered inhomogeneities result in an overall system matrix which is block-tridiagonal, the solution of which can be obtained through an iterative procedure. Such an iterative procedure reduces the computer core storage requirement as compared to a simultaneous solution of the unknown surface currents on the interfaces. The procedure is tested by applying it first to solve for the surface currents on layered spheres and comparing the results to an exact eigen-function solution. The procedure is then extended to permit the determination of the current on a missile in the presence of a trailing inhomogeneous exhaust plume. The resultant system matrix in this case, though not strictly block-tridiagonal, is again transformed by suitable matrix partitioning into a block-tridiagonal form. The currents on the missile are obtained for selected plume inhomogeneities at various frequencies and angles of incidence. In the appendix, various possible surface current formulations and the uniqueness of corresponding solutions are discussed.

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  • Radiofrequency Wave Propagation
  • Rocket Engines

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