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Standard Electronic Module Radar Life Cycle Cost Comparison.

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Final rept. 1 Jun 78-15 Jan 79,

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The report presents a life cycle cost LCC analysis of an airborne weather radar system functionally similar to the Standard Electronic Module Radar SEMR and compares the LCC estimates for this system to previously developed LCC estimates for the SEMR. The SEMR has been designed, fabricated and tested as a demonstration of the concepts of the TRI-service Standard Electronic Module program. A previous study analyzed the LCC characteristics of the SEMR and developed LCC estimates for specific implementation alternatives. The APQ-122V5 radar design was selected for LCC comparison as a representative example of solid state systems composed of custom subassemblies. The LCC analysis of a SEMR-equivalent of APQ-122 system was conducted using procedures and assumptions which were consistent with those used in the previous SEMR LCC study. Results presented in this report include a comparison of baseline LCC totals and subtotals, a comparison of the sensitivity of the two sets of LCC estimates to operational parameters, and an analysis of how the critical assumptions used in developing the SEMR equivalent APQ-122 LCC estimates affect the baseline comparison. The primary finding was that, when using available data and consistent analytical procedures, the baseline LCC estimates for the SEMR-equivalent APQ-122 system were approximately 40 lower than the SEMR estimates. Sensitivity analyses did not significantly alter this finding.

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  • Economics and Cost Analysis
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