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Summary Report of Results, Conclusions and Recommendations from a Psychophysical Study of the Relative Detectability of Target Tracks in Simulated Passive Sonar Displays,

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Because the stereoscopic method of data display has a theoretical advantage over a flat display, the stereo method should be shown to have a demonstrable advantage in an empirical experiment. Failure of the first attempt to demonstrate the expected detection advantage of the stereo display we attribute to four causes Inadequate definition of the depth Not enough data to obtain reliability No accurate measure, or control, of false alarm rate The method of apportioning the simulated sonar data to the two eyes. We now feel that an experimental design aimed at the detection function with false alarm rate controlled is the proper course to pursue. We shall design and test a number of different patterns for the definition of the stereoscopic space before commencing the experiment proper. The pattern we have used in the past does not adequately define the plane of interest the plane is not easily apparent, and an observer finds that he has to work at keeping his eyes pointed at the proper plane of depth. In addition, the edges of the display are peculiarly susceptible to difficulty of perception in the proper plane. These difficulties can be remedied, and it is hoped that when they are, the known theoretical advantage will be demonstrable experimentally.

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