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Decision-Making and Training Techniques for Command and Control Systems. Part II. Terminal Performance Objectives for the Demonstration Model of CATTS.

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Technical advances have increased the capabilities of military commanders for successfully commanding and controlling the execution of tactical operations. These advances have also increased the complexity of command. The concept of the Combined Arms Tactical Training SimulatorCATTS has been advanced as one means for meeting the requirement to train commanders and selected members of their staffs to conduct tactical operations under the varied and complex conditions of the modern battlefield. Under the CATTS concept, training personnel, assisted by a computer system, would create simulated tactical situations within which a command group would cope with stresses and problems that realistically approximate those experienced during participation in actual combat operations. It has been expected that participation in this training simulation would improve both the command groups appreciation of conditions characterizing the modern battlefield and their ability to fight under such conditions. Development of a demonstration model of CATTS has been undertaken in order to determine the feasibility and suitability of this concept. This volume reports on work undertaken as a first step in the development of training for CATTS. This work involved the development of terminal performance objectives, that is, the performances that are to be improved as a result of training in CATTS. Although terminal performance objectives represent only an early product in the cycle of training development, the performance objectives reported here represent a substantial contribution because they constitute the basis for the development of the performance objectives for the demonstration model of CATTS.

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