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Development of a Model Tank Gunnery Test

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Technical rept.

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Research was undertaken to develop a model live-fire test that can be used to evaluate tank crew proficiency in neutralizing targets. The model test takes into consideration different types of target engagements, the behaviors of the individual crew members that are required and the practical constraints associated with the use of main gun ammunition for testing purposes. Existing descriptions of M60A1A0S gunnery objectives were reviewed and updated to reflect current US Army Armor School doctrine. The revised set of objectives provided a definition of the possible ways that the tank system could neutralize targets with the 105mm gun, the coaxial machinegun and the .50 caliber machinegun. The objectives also made explicit the behaviors required on the part of individual crew members during each engagement. Given a definition of the performance domain, two steps were undertaken to aid in the selection of objectives or exercises that would constitute the model gunnery test. First, all objectives were systematically examined to identify possible groups or families of objectives that were similar to one another in terms of the underlying crew behaviors involved. Families were further analyzed to generate estimates of the extent to which performance on one gunnery objective was predictive of performance on other objectives in the same family. These results, when coupled with other considerations such as the number of main gun rounds available for testing, were then used to identify a representative sample of test engagements that would yield information about crew performance on the entire domain of gunnery objectives. Issues involved in the generation and interpretation of performance test scores were also addressed.

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