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Structural Area Inspection Frequency Evaluation (SAIFE). Volume 5. Results of Model Demonstration

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Final rept.

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To assist in the evaluation of proposed structural inspection programs for commercial jet transport aircraft, a logic was developed to simulate structural defects, failures, and inspections. This logic was incorporated in a computer program entitled Structural Area Inspection Frequency Evaluation SAIFE. With the objective of quantifying the evaluation process currently used to establish and modify inspection intervals, SAIFE accounts for the following factors 1 aircraft design analysis 2 fatigue testing 3 production, service, and corrosion defects 4 probability of crack of corrosion detection and 5 aircraft modification economics. As a five-volume document, this report covers the initial contract effort plus a subsequent parametric analysis as follows Volume 1 entitled Executive Summary presents the SAIFE logic and documents the methodology for the decision-making processes in the simulation logic. Volume 2 entitled Description of Simulation Logic details the SAIFE simulation logic, presents the background data for the analytical functions and decision-making processes, and includes data for a typical simulation problem. Volume 3 entitled Demonstration Input, Inspection Survey, and MRR Data presents data tabulations derived from historical trends and design input data for a SAIFE demonstration problem. As the users manual for the SAIFE computer program, Volume 4 entitled Software Documentation and Users Manual contains detailed computer logic flow diagrams and a complete listing of the program which is written in SIMSCRIPT II.5.

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