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Gas Exchange under Environmental Stress.

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Final rept. 4 Nov 75-3 Feb 78,

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The purpose of this project was threefold 1 to assemble available information concerning the effects of various environmental factors such as altitude, acceleration, and breathing gas composition on gas exchange, 2 to initiate a mathematical simulation of gas exchange between atmosphere and tissues that would predict the effects of these factors on gas exchange at rest and during exercise, and 3 to identify areas for future experimental investigation. A computer model which includes a multi-compartment lung and lumped tissue beds representing brain, heart, muscle, and the remaining tissues was developed. Inputs are barometric pressure, inspired oxygen and carbon dioxide concentrations, carboxyhemoglobin concentration, acceleration in the z vector, and oxygen consumption. Steady state values are calculated for gas exchange parameters in the lungs and in the four tissue compartments. The simulation is designed in a modular fashion to enhance the ability to modify it as additional experimental data become available. The model provides qualitatively accurate predictions of experimental data showing responses to a single stress. Extensive experimental data of responses to multiple stresses with which to compare model predictions are not available. Results with multiple stresses indicate that experimental work aimed at better definition of minute to minute control of ventilation is necessary.

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  • Stress Physiology

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