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Lithium - Inorganic Electrolyte Batteries.

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Final rept. 17 Sep 73-30 Sep 77,

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This is the Final Report on ECOM Contract DAAB07-74-C-0030. It contains the results of work for the period September 1973-September 1977. This report summarizes our research and development effort on the Lithionyl chloride battery system. The work on this program has centered along two lines We have investigated the reaction stoichiometry of the cell discharge via chemical analysis of the reaction products we have also investigated the problem of LiSOCl2 cell passivation during storage at 71 C 160 F, with a particular view to finding practical solutions. Analytical measurements were carried out on complete LiSOCl2 cells. Qualitative tests identified three discharge products, LiCl, S and SO2. Quantitative analyses were performed for these species. Of the several stoichiometries that can be written, the one most closely corresponding to the data is 4Li 2SOCl2 yields 4LiCl S SO2. The analytical data for LiCl and S correspond to this reaction. The SO2 is, however, twice the value predicted by this reaction. A reaction between S and SOCl2 which generates SO2 during the analysis may account for this. No other simple reaction stoichiometry corresponds to these analyses. Near UV spectrophotometry was investigated as an analytical tool for the SOCl2 system. The results of these experiments indicate that UV spectrophotometric techniques are a useful method for studying the LiSOCl2 system and, further, that it is possible to study the mechanism of SOCl2 reduction in dilute solutions of organic solvents.

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  • Inorganic Chemistry
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