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NAMES II (Navy Amphibious Medical Evacuation Simulation) User's Manual.

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Interim rept. Oct 76-Jul 77,

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NRLs NAMES II model simulates medical treatment and evacuation of casualties within a combat zone. The medical system which the model represents includes various levels of casualty receiving facilities, including the hospital corpsman or medic, battalion aid stations, clearing stations, and hospitals. The hospitals may be shore-based or sea-based. Unlike most developed for combat medical contingency planning, NAMES II is truly a discrete simulation model based on logical relationships. For example, each casualty who enters the simulated evacuation system is assigned a series of medical treatments, or work units, which he must receive before he can enter convalescence and subsequently return to duty. These work units must be administered, in sequence, by designated medical personnel, and each work unit requires a specified time to complete. Some work units are critical in the sense that if one is not completed within a time specified by the user the patient will die if another is not completed in time, the patients convalescent period will be increased. An evacuation vehicle is requested at once when a high priority patient enters an evacuation queue lower priority patients are required to accumulate in number or for a period of time before an evacuation vehicle is requested. This report is addressed to the user of the NAMES II Model-the analyst who wishes to use the model to design, plan, or evaluate combat zone medical treatment and evacuation systems. The Manual presents a detailed description of the NAMES Model, together with its inputs and outputs.

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