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Theory of Solid Surfaces.

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Final scientific rept. 1 Oct 72-30 Sep 75,

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A wide range of work is described on surface and bulk properties of materials. Work upon metal semiconductor interfaces and its application to Schottky barriers and photoemission is described. Related to this is the continuing investigation into surface induced superconductivity and reasons are suggested as to why the goal may be illusionary. The developments of the calculation of the optical scattering potential for surface scattering as in LEED are described and its gross properties explained in terms of a simple model. The application of local methods to semiconductors can be applied to a large range of surface problems. Two developments are described here, on bulk properties, the calculation of the dielectric response, and the application of the Anderson chemical, pseudopotential to a range of bulk properties of semiconductors and non-simple materials. This last method shows promise of connecting solid state physics to the more chemical ideas of bond properties. Also using a local method we describe some promising work on the Laves phases of transition metal alloys which are too complicated to calculate in the normal K-space form but have important technical applications. Finally in solids we describe the recent work on spin glasses which breaks new ground in the understanding of this system and has important consequences for the theory of a number of polymer related problems.

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  • Mechanics
  • Solid State Physics

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