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Defect-Property Relationships in Solids. Proceedings of the Materials Research Society Conference Held at Princeton University, Princeton, New Jersey on March 24 and 25, 1975.

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Contents Defect-property relationships in solids Structure and properties of glassy metals Structure study of a metallic glass using positron annihilation methods Void initiation, growth, and coalescence in ductile fracture of metals Cavitation processes in fracture of metals and alloys Electromigration and spatial variations in metallic conductivity An elasto-chemical theory of tilt boundaries Microstructure-critical current relationships in hard superconductors Neutron irradiation effects in superconducting A-15 compounds Flux change in type II superconductors induced by moving dislocations Amorphous states and lattice order transformations in vapour quenched superconducting compounds Excited state polarization, bulk photovoltaic effect and the photorefractive effect in electrically polarized media Optical and electrical effects of charges on defects in non-metals Mechanism for the high voltage photovoltaic effects in ceramic ferroelectrics Mean field theories of sublattice melting in ionic crystals The role of defects on D-C conduction in Ta2O5 films The effect of defects on the photoconductivity of solids Optical properties of density-disordered solids Two-electron photo-ionization from deep states in semiconductors Deep level spectroscopy, low temperature defect motion and nonradiative recombination in GaAs and GaP A study of deep levels in GaAs by capacitance spectroscopy Modulation spectroscopy studies of defects Electrical characterization of deep level systems in semiconductor junctions by admittance measurements The application of heterojunction structures to Optical devices Polarization echoes in piezoelectric semiconductors.

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  • Optics
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