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Validation of a Police Patrol Simulation Model,

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This paper describes the results of an empirtical validation of the patrol car simulation model that was developed by The New York City-Rand Institute for the New York City Police Department NYCPD. The simulation models the process of receipt of cells for police service, the assignment of these calls or jobs to patrol cars, the travel of the patrol cars to the scene, the servicing of the job by the car or cars for some time interval, and the release of the cars for reassignmet to other jobs or to resume patrol. The activities of a single command region are modeled by imitating the spacetime behavior of individual patrol cars on a grid map on which individual city blocks are represented. The simulation is driven by an input stream of jobs requiring police service. The deployment and assignment of patrol cars is modeled in imitation of the rules and practces of the New York City Police Department as derived from the stated operating policies of the Department and from our firsthand observation of operations in the field. The primary purpose of the simulation is to enable the NYCPD to evaluate alternative patrol deployment policies without undertaking costly and potentially dangerous field experimentation. The model also serves as a research tool for analysts whose job it is to develop and evaluate policy options and to create and test simpler analytic models for use be the Department.

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