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Aerodynamic Calibration of the Aerospace Research Laboratories' M=6 High Reynolds Number Facility

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Final rept. Dec 1973-Mar 1974

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This report describes the Aerospace Research Laboratories Mach 6 high Reynolds number wind tunnel and its aerodynamic calibration. This facility operates at a Mach number of approximately 6 over a unit Reynolds number range of 10 sup 7 to 3 x 10 sup 7 per foot. The Unit Reynolds number is varied by changing the stagnation pressure from 700 through 2100 psia while the stagnation temperature is held constant at 100 deg. R. The aerodynamic calibration consisted of the determination of the actual free stream Mach number distribution, the free stream total temperature distribution, the flow angularity within the test core, and some insight into tunnel blockage conditions. The Mach number and total temperature distribution tests were conducted simultaneously and were carried out at three stagnation pressures of 700, 1400, and 2100 psia corresponding to unit Reynolds numbers of 9.76 x 10 sup 6, 18.77 x 10 sup 6, and 30.27 x 10 sup 6 per foot. The flow angularity and blockage tests were conducted at one stagnation pressure, i.e., 700 psia corresponding to a unit Reynolds number of 9.76 x 10 sup 6 per foot. The results indicate the free stream Mach number has a root-mean-square value of 5.88 and is independent of the unit Reynolds number. The Mach number gradients in both the lateral and longitudinal direction were negligibly small. The total temperature distribution within the test core was invariant with unit Reynolds number and within plus 2 of the stagnation temperature. The test core was approximately 10 inches in diameter as compared to a nozzle outlet diameter of 12.346 inches. Flow angularity within the test core remained relatively small and never exceeded plus and minus 0.05 degrees.

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