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Future Directions Workshop: Materials, Processes, and R and D Challenges in Microelectronics

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Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Research and Engineering Basic Research Office

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Microelectronics is a complex field with ever-evolvingtechnologies and business needs, fueled by decades ofcontinued fundamental materials science and engineeringadvancement. Decades of dimensional scaling have led to thepoint where even the name microelectronics inadequatelydescribes the field, as most modern devices operate on thenanometer scale. As we reach physical limits and seek moreefficient ways for computing, research in new materials mayoffer alternative design approaches that involve much morethan electron transport e.g. photonics, spintronics, topologicalmaterials, and a variety of exotic quasi-particles. Newengineering processes and capabilities offer the means to takeadvantage of new materials designs e.g. 3D integration, atomicscale fabrication processes and metrologies, digital twins forsemiconductor processes and microarchitectures. The widerange of potential technological approaches provides bothopportunities and challenges.The Materials, Processes, and R and D Challenges inMicroelectronics Future Directions workshop was held June 23-24, 2022, at the Basic Research Innovation Collaboration Centerin Arlington, VA, to examine these opportunities and challenges.Sponsored by the Basic Research Directorate of the Office ofthe Under Secretary of Defense for Research and Engineering,it is intended as a resource for the S and T community includingthe broader federal funding community, federal laboratories,domestic industrial base, and academia.

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