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HIMARS: Redesigned into a Multi-Role Platform

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[Technical Report, Research Paper]

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The rise of A2AD weapons systems and tactics poses a major challenge that can affect the U.S. militarys ability to operate around the world. If the U.S. military does not address the A2AD threat, it could cripple the United States ability to project forces around the world during crisis or leave them vulnerable during military operations. Overcoming the A2AD threat is possible, but requires a new focus that currently is lacking. HIMARS, although used as a surface indirect fire asset to engage land targets, can and should have its ballistic computer and its munitions modified with an active seeker to serve as a multi-role platform capable of engaging both sea and land targets. HIMARS has the range, lethality, speed, fire power, deliverability, and survivability, to attack adversaries threat systems with a high volume of lethal precision fires in all weather conditions and then quickly displace to another location prior to being detected. If the HIMARS launchers ballistic computer is updated and ATACMS are modified with an active seeker to engage moving targets, it would create a multi-role platform that could support conventional deterrence capabilities on both land and sea. Finally, HIMARS and its munitions, if upgraded with an increased ability to seek, acquire, and destroy moving targets, would have the capability to defeat all types of A2AD threats with a precision strike

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