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Analysis of Domain-Specific Nuclear Ontology Using Monterey Phoenix Behavior Modeling

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[Technical Report, Master's Thesis]

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Current nuclear energy ontologies are known to lack a common vocabulary to formally verify nuclear energy data relationships for modeling system behaviors. Idaho National Laboratory INL developed the Data Integration Aggregated Model and Ontology for Nuclear Deployment DIAMOND ontology to provide a standard vocabulary and taxonomy for identifying data relationships in nuclear energy system models. This thesis conducted an analysis of DIAMOND using a Spent Fuel Pool SFP Monterey Phoenix MP behavior model. The SFP MP behavior modeling application demonstrated components of and interactions among a spent fuel cooling pool and its environment. The MP behavior model demonstrated a viable approach for analyzing nuclear reactor system behavior consistent with DIAMOND and the ability to generate the exhaustive set of nuclear reactor cooling pool behavior scenarios. The results supported the ability of DIAMOND definitions to be used to organize and structure knowledge about SFPs normal and off-normal behaviors. The SPF example showed the application of assets, actions, and triggers from DIAMOND to events and relationships in MP. Assets and actions were represented as MP events, and triggers were represented as precedence relations between MP events. This thesis research verified the DIAMOND ontology was implemented correctly in the model from data representative of operationally realistic behavior and the modeling results validated the MP behavior model was well constrained.

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  • Nuclear Power Plants and Fission Reactor Engineering
  • Administration and Management

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