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DOD Acquisition: Case Study of the Air Force Advanced Air-To-Surface Missile Program

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[Technical Report, Congressional Report]

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United States General Accounting Office

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Between 1967 and 1972 Boeing designed and developed the Short Range Attack Missile SRAM for deployment on the B-62 bomber force. The SRAM was and is a key but aging weapon used in the penetrating bomber mission that is an essential element of the strategic triad. SRAM II, originally called the Advanced Air-to-Surface Missile AASM, will replace the SRAM as a key element in the penetrating bomber mission through the 1990s and beyond. The new missile will augment and then replace the current SRAM. The new system will enhance the penetrating bombers total effectiveness and feasibility, as well as challenge the enemys defenses with a highly survivable weapon system. The system consists of the missile airframe, guidance, warhead, and propulsion, support equipment, mission planning equipment, and carrier interfaces. Like the SRAM, the SRAM II will provide the B-1B and the Advanced Technology Bomber with a supersonic, low-radar-cross section, air-to-ground nuclear missile that can attack fixed and defended targets, and neutralize enemy terminal defenses such as surface-to-air missile sites. Discussion of a replacement for the SRAM missile began in August 1982 with the Air Force Chief of Staffs order to terminate the SRAM Motor Modification program which was to extend the useful life of the SRAM rocket motor. In July 1983, the Defense Resources Board approved the SRAM II as a fiscal year 1986 major system new start. While the fiscal year 1986 budget was the first to specifically request funds for the AASM program, Congress approved a reprogramming action of fiscal year 1984 funds for system definition studies on September 20, 1984. During 1982 and 1983, the Strategic Air Command started drafting a Statement of Operational Need. Prior studies such as the Counter Soviet Union Airborne Warning Control System, Advanced Strategic Air-Launched Missile, and the SRAM Longer Life Motor Modification did not specifically address Statement of Operational Need requirements.

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  • Air- and Space-Launched Guided Missiles
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