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Optimizing the Indo-Pacific: A Multilateral Net for the Future

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[Technical Report, Monograph]

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US Army School for Advanced Military Studies

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USINDOPACOM encompasses half the worlds surface, with 375,000 US military and civilian personnel assigned to the area. The area encompasses more than half the worlds population. Additionally, three of the five largest world economies reside in the region, with vital implications for global markets and international stability. The United States has pivoted to the Pacific, making the region a national priority. A long-term strategy for cooperation across the vast region is needed to continue stability and the rules-based international order in the region. Although the future is unknown, globalization and transregional impacts are expected to continue, greatly affecting the strategic environment. Determining the optimal type of cooperative system for protecting Americas interests for the future of the Indo-Pacific region will be vital to the long-term security of the world. A more robust and cooperative multifaceted multilateral network is optimal for protecting Americas interests in the future Indo-Pacific. With the rise of China and the return to long-term strategic competition, a more robust cooperative network in the Indo-Pacific is necessary for long-term stability. Additionally, the rise of transregional threats forces a more cooperative arrangement in the region. Bilateral, or hub-and-spoke alliance strategies, no longer provide the needed cooperation in the region. Thucydidess Trap is not inevitable for a rising China and a transitioning United States. Increased effects from new global threats e.g., climate change, pandemic, information, globalization, extremism may provide additional existential threat impetus for enhanced cooperation in the Indo-Pacific.

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  • Military Operations, Strategy and Tactics

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