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Peptidylarginine Deiminase 2 and Citrullination of IgG in Immunity and Rheumatoid Arthritis

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The purpose of this application is to identify mechanisms by which peptidylarginine deiminases PADsand citrullination regulate antibodies in immunity and rheumatoid arthritis. To this end, this project will 1determine how PADs and IgG citrullination regulate a normal antibody response to immunization and normal antibody-based immunity to influenza, 2 identify how PADs and citrullinated IgG pathologically contribute to rheumatoid arthritis, and 3 determine if smoking increases IgG citrullination leading to autoimmune antibodies in genetically susceptible people. To date, we have discovered that PAD2 is not required for plasma cell numbers or arthritis severity in collagen-induced murine arthritis, but is required for anti-collagen IgG levels. Further, PAD2 is required for some antibodies formed in response to murine influenza. Experiments are ongoing to further understand these findings as well as to evaluate citrullination in autoimmune antibodies in humans.

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