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Future Impact: a Shift in Deep Fires

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[Technical Report, Monograph]

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U.S. Army School for Advanced Military Studies

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This monograph examines the potential of a future conflict between the United States and Russia in the Baltic States based on two historical cases Operation Desert Storm 1991, and the Russo-Ukrainian War 2014. This paper aims to deduce implications on the range and deep fires doctrine from these conflicts for inclusion into the development of future field artillery systems and doctrine. The five most significant insights of this study are first, FM 3-0, Operations, is a waypoint in the paradigm shift that underscores the importance of how the US Army will fight in the deep area. Second, the range is a function of actual distance, doctrinal requirements, constraints, restraints, physics, and enemy capabilities. Third, in a near-peer fight, range will provide a tactical advantage, but whoever has the best integrated, layered, and redundant systems will have the strategic and operational advantage. Fourth, Russia will not allot time and depth for US forces to establish a Baltic Shield. Lastly, Russia will aim to create tactical paralysis by firing across international boundaries and from population centers to bait and discredit their adversaries. Based on these historical, contemporary, and futuristic conflicts and insights, current US Army doctrine is unfit for future war against a near-peer adversary with overmatching field artillery deep fires in large-scale combat operations in its current battlespace construct outlined in FM 3-0, Operations. A proposed Integrated Battlespace Framework IBF combines the operational constructs of CAC, Futures Command, and SAMS, and still retains the simple Rear, Close, Deep construct.


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