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Mobile On-Demand Hydrogen Peroxide Generation System

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[SBIR Report, Summary Report]

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Vaporous hydrogen peroxide VHP has been explored by the military as a methodology for decontamination of sensitive, mission critical equipment and enclosed areas including aircraft, tanks, and buildings that have been contaminated by chemical and biological pathogens. VHP has significant advantages over other decontamination technologies based on its efficacy for the neutralization of chemical and biological pathogens, relative safety, and ability to avoid harming sensitive equipment. VHP technologies requires a supply of liquid solutions of hydrogen peroxide at high concentrations 35 percent, which is hazardous, unstable, with a shortlife, and limited to ground transportation, creating a logistic challenge. A mobile system capable of providing hydrogen peroxide on demand would significantly increase the feasibility of VHP-based decontamination systems. Lynntech is developing a mobile on-demand hydrogen peroxide generation system MOHyPerGen by leveraging Lynntechs On-Demand Hypoxia Trainer ODHT to advance Lynntechs previously developed HyPerGen system that uses only air, water, and electricity. During the Phase I project Lynntech has optimized or developed various key components, demonstrate the feasibility of the system to produce hydrogen peroxide at high concentrations, and designed a preliminary, full scale on-demand H2O2 generator system that can meet the Armys SWaP Size, Weight and Power requirements. This proposed technology can provide a portable on-demand hydrogen peroxide generation which would enable greater utilization of this versatile green oxidant in applications ranging from environmental remediation to portable sanitation to decontamination. This technology will be useful to civilian and military first responders,and may also be applied to sterilize medical equipment, and facilitate water treatment in remote locations.


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