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Summary of Recruit Assessment Program Survey Prediction of Military Personnel Outcomes

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[Technical Report, Final Report]

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Introduction Many factors could be predictive of problems with successful military service, some of which are characteristics of the recruits when they access to service. Despite efforts to provide exemplary military leadership and training, some recruits will be unsuccessful in military service and attrite, or develop drug use disorder, or fail to deploy, or receive an unfavorable reenlistment indicator. Although recruiting efforts have been focused on intelligence and education of incoming recruits, there may be other factors that are equally important in determining whether or not recruits will be successful during military service.Method Data from approximately 100,000 Marines collected from 2003 to 2013 using the Recruit Assessment Program RAP survey were analyzed in this case-control study. Predictors included Descriptive Factors, Prosocial Factors, Childhood Adversity, Psychological and Behavioral Issues, and Substance Use. Six personnel outcomes were included attrition from military service before 4, 12, and 48 months of service, drug use disorder diagnoses, deployment status, and the favorability of the reenlistment indicator, which establishes reenlistment eligibility. The relationship of predictors to personnel outcomes was determined in a series of six logistic regressions.Results Most of the predictors were related to personnel outcomes 83 . All classes of predictor variables were related to personnel outcomes for at least one level of one predictor. Some Descriptive Factors enhanced the odds of successful military service education and intelligence, while others decreased the odds older age at accession, and body mass index outside the normal range. Prosocial Factors were associated with increased odds of successful service. Childhood Adversity and Psychological and Behavioral Issues were associated with decreased odds of successful military service. Substance Use had a mixed pattern for higher scores on ...


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