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CNT Network (Web) and Wall (Curtain) Structures

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[Technical Report, Final Report]

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The objective of the project was to investigate a noble nanostructured architecture based on CNTs for the electrodes in both Li-S battery and fuel cell when the proposal was accepted. The synthesis of CNTs, design and fabrication of hierarchical nanostructures, surface modification, sulfur and platinum loading, and characterization and performance of designed electrodes were proposed to be carried out. However, the scope of proposed research was revised in the second year since the proposed nanostructured architecture was not very challenging to continue to investigate a candidate electrode for both hydrogen fuel cell and Li-S battery system. Instead of investigating the performance of our designed electrode structure continuously the PI changed the directions of proposed research by focusing on the basic study of noble anode current collector for Li-S battery and the self-assembly approach to deposit the Pt particles uniformly onto the functionalized CNTs grown on Si substrates. The CNT grown on Si and Cu substrates by using thermal CVD and surface functionalization was used as a capping material with its high electrical conductivity and superior chemical stability for the basic study of nanostructured materials as a component in Li-S battery and hydrogen fuel cell. The adsorption of Pt nanoparticles on N-terminated CNTs on Si substrate in a solution process was well carried out and the effect of CNTs in-situ grown Cu nanowire porous current collector in accommodating lithium for the improvement of lithium anode performance was investigated.


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  • Inorganic Chemistry
  • Metallurgy and Metallography

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