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Chlorine Dioxide Technologies for Active Food Packaging and Other Microbial Decontamination Applications

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[Technical Report, Book Chapter]

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SOLDIER CENTER NATICK MAMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyHarvard UniversityCombat Capabilities Development Command Soldier Center Brandeis UniversityTufts University

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Active food packaging concepts exhibiting antimicrobial activity were developed using a novel chemical system in conjunction with polymers a film made of polylactic acid, PLA, or a sachet made of superabsorbent hydrogel with applications in the food industry for ensuring microbial safety, extending shelf-life, and reducing waste of perishable foods such as fresh fruits, vegetables, and berries. One system produces chlorine dioxide in-packaging from precursors adhered to the surface of PLA biopolymeric films that can be used in food packaging. The second is a smart food packaging system designed with chemical precursors incorporated in an insertable sachet made of a superabsorbent hydrogel polymer and is called the Compartment of Defense CoD. The CoD packaging system is characterized by the humidity-activated, time-released controlled and sustained production of low concentrations of gaseous ClO2 in-container and can be used to inactivate pathogens and prevent mold growth and extend the safe shelf-life while reducing economic losses of perishable foods that respire in-packaging fresh berries, fruits, and vegetables. These next-generation chlorine dioxide technologies for microbial decontamination can be adapted for food industry applications e.g., treating fresh produce, sanitizing food processinghandling surfaces, and cleaning-in-place methods for production lines and other microbial decontamination applications e.g., preventing mold on porous surfaces, disinfecting hard surfaces, self-decontaminating garments, and inactivating bacterial spores of Clostridiodes difficile and Bacillus anthracis.

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  • Inorganic Chemistry
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