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Nonlinear Optics in Parity-Time-Symmetric and Quasi-Parity-Time-Symmetric Systems

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[Technical Report, Final Report]

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The objective of this proposal is to investigate novel behaviors of nonlinear optics in parity-time PT symmetric and quasi-PT symmetric systems and to explore their practical applications in single-mode lasers. Nonlinear optics in PT-symmetric complex media, i.e., optical media with spatially balanced gain and loss, is currently one of the research frontiers in optics and applied mathematics. PT optics exhibits a wide array of novel phenomena, which are inspiring new optical applications such as PT-symmetric single-mode lasers and unidirectional reflectionless optical devices. Thus, deep understanding of nonlinear light behaviors in PT-symmetric and PT-related optical media is important for both theoretical and practical reasons. In this project, a number of outstanding theoretical and practical problems on nonlinear optics in PT-symmetric and quasi-PT-symmetric complex media will be analyzed. Specifically, theoretical questions such as the general forms of one- and multi-dimensional PT-symmetric potentials which admit symmetry breaking of solitons, general forms of non-PT-symmetric complex potentials which admit soliton families, stability properties of these solitons, and extension of PT symmetry to multi-light frequency systems will be investigated. In addition, practical questions such as the nonlinear operation of realistic PT-symmetric single-mode lasers will be theoretically analyzed. The amount of output powers for different geometries of PT-laser cavities will be computed, and the geometry which produces the most power will be identified. These problems will be investigated through a combination of mathematical modeling, asymptotic analysis, numerical computations, and comparison with real experiments. These studies will not only reveal and explain new physical phenomena in PT-related optical media, but also provide guidance to physical applications such as PT-symmetric single-mode lasers.


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  • Optics
  • Quantum Theory and Relativity

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