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Imidazolium Perchlorate: A Novel Energetic Molecular Ferroelectric

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[Technical Report, Technical Report]

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US Army Combat Capabilities Development Command, Army Research LaboratorySURVICE Engineering CompanyThe State University of New York-Buffalo

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We have investigated the changes in structure, composition, and microsecond-timescale energy release behavior for a molecular ferroelectric salt, imidazolium perchlorate ImClO4, as a function of polarization. Low-temperature heating sufficient to depolarize the ImClO4 results in desorption of imidazole rings and significant morphological changes at the atomic scale but does not influence the microsecond-timescale energy release. Higher temperature pyrolysis at 350 degrees C produces a large exotherm and gas-combustion products such as H2O, CON2, and CO2. The estimated detonation velocity measured via the laser-induced air shock from energetic materials method was 7.2 kms, which is comparable to the military explosive hexanitrostilbene. Despite its relatively unfavorable oxygen balance 43 percent, the ferroelectric properties of ImClO4 may make it suitable for specialized energetic applications.

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  • Electricity and Magnetism
  • Inorganic Chemistry

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