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Ti:sapphire: Material, Lasers and Amplifiers

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[Technical Report, Book Chapter]

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The TiAl2O3 Tisapphire laser has several ancestors, including the first laser 1, based on the crystal ruby, formally Cr3 ions doped into sapphire Al2O3. Tisapphire employs the same robust host crystal as in ruby, which is crucial for the ruby laser to operate under the intense optical pumping from flashlamps, required by the three-level nature of the ruby laser transition. Another class of ancestors were the first broadly tunable solid-state lasers, based on divalent transition-metal ions, such as Ni2 and Co2, doped into mainly fluoride host crystals, such as MgF2 25. While these types of lasers could be tuned over an impressive range of wavelengths 16002500 nm in the case of CoMgF2 6,the low gain and the general need to operate under cryogenic cooling were drawbacks that limited their utility

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