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Algorithms of Armageddon: What Happens When We Insert AI Into Our Military Weapons Systems?

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[Technical Report, Summary Report]

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Naval Information Warfare Center, Pacific

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Big data, artificial intelligence and machine learning represent some of the most cutting-edge technologies today, and will likely be the dominant technologies for the next several decades and beyond. Generally branded under artificial intelligence or simply AI, most experts agree that advances in AI will change our lives more than any technology since the invention of electricity in 1879. Sadly, there is vastly more heat than light on the subject of teaming AI and unmanned systems or robots to use the older vernacular, most of it fueled by popular media. The general public, fed a steady diet of books and movies about bad robots for example, War of the Worlds, Terminator and even about good robots gone rogue for example, 2001 A Space Odyssey and Ex Machina, are generally fearful that todays robotsunmanned machines enabled with AIwill come to dominate our lives in ways that we can only dimly perceive in 2021. Until recently, the technology to take enhanced decision-making to the next level simply did not exist. Today it does, and leveraging what big data, artificial intelligence, and machine learning can provide to warfighters may well lead to the next breakthrough in naval warfare, especially in the area of decision-making. Naval Information Warfare Systems Center Pacific, along with partners through the Navy R and D community, industry and academia, is leading efforts to ensure that U.S. warfighters are equipped to make better decisions, faster, with fewer people and fewer mistakes.


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