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AU-2 Guidelines for Command: A Handbook on the Leadership of Airmen for Air Force Squadron Commanders, Second Edition

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Squadron command is often described as the best job in the Air Force. It is also one of the most demanding. Commanders are entrusted with incredible powerin terms of legal authority and personal influenceand it is critical you honor that trust by commanding effectively with balance, purpose, and dedication. As the commander, it is your responsibility to set the tone, establish priorities, and take the lead. As you meet your daily challenges, remember that ultimately command is not about you or how skilled you are in your Air Force specialty. Command is about accomplishing the mission and taking care of your Airmen. This guide will help you on your way. There is no all-encompassing checklist or how-to guide for command no manual could hope to be so comprehensive. How you lead your squadron depends on your experience, ideas, goals, values, and willingness to learn. Your past performance has demonstrated that you are up to the taskif not, you would not have been selected for command. Even so, you will not know everything before you start, and the job will always be a learning endeavor. You can, however, take advice and learn from other commanders experiences to make you a better, more effective leader. That is the intent of this publicationto advance the practice of command. This edition of AU-2, Guidelines for Command, is not a full re-creation of the previous edition. Instead, it is the result of the research project from the 2011 Air Command and Staff College ACSC Commanders Connection team members, most of whom are former commanders. The team turned the previous edition into an online wiki on the Commanders Connection website currently not active. This allowed AU-2 to become a living document, enabling commanders to give immediate feedback about its content, acceptability, and relevance. While this edition includes much of the previous editions content because it is still valid, it also contains revised and updated information.

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