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Headquarters X Corps War Diary Summary for Operation Chromite 15 August to 30 September 1950

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[Technical Report, Technical Report]

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By the 1st of August 1950, the United Nations Forces in Korea found themselves compressed into a tight perimeter. The south flank of this line rested just west of MASAN, the center curved around TAEGU, and the northern flank ran east to the sea north of POHANG. The perimeter was held by elements of five US Divisions -the 24th, 25th, and 2d Infantry Divisions, the 1st Cavalry Division, the 1st Marine Brigade of the 1st Marine Division, and six Republic of Korea Divisions. 1 On 7 August, the first sustained counterattack of the war by US troops was launched on the south flank of the perimeter to drive the enemy back from positions which threatened PUSAN. The 1st Brigade, US Marines participated in this successful attack. 2 To make up for these losses in the south, the enemy attacked strongly towards TAEGU and captured POHANG on the east coast from the South Koreans. After POHANG was recaptured with the aid of a US Task Force and the attack on TAIDU stopped, the indications were that the enemy had made his last bip effort. But these indications proved to be very misleading when in the first two weeks of September, the North Koreans launched an all out offensive which seriously threatened TAEGU frontally end by envelopment from the east the entire line between TAEGU and POHANG was pushed back until an enemy breakthrough seemed likely. Only by the greatest skill and maneuver, did the Eighth Army prevent disaster. It was at this critical point that one of the most daring and successful amphibious operations of modern warfare reversed the tide of war completely.

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