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Dynamic Stall Workshop Proceedings

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[Technical Report, Briefing Charts]

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Georgia Tech Research Corporation

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This workshop is designed to impart to the broader community the advances and current state of the art in the understanding and prediction of rotorcraft-related dynamic stall. Dynamic stall is an unsteady aerodynamic phenomenon resulting from the rapid angle of attack change of a lifting surface during which the flow separates and then later reattaches. Dynamic stall is characterized by complex flow field phenomena including shear layers and vortices that interact with one another and the airfoil, and it can be triggered by large angle of attack excursions, blade-vortex interaction, and shocks. The ability to predict dynamic stall and eliminate it from the flight envelope is necessary to improve upon current safety standards and to apply it to new designs. This workshop is planned to disseminate new findings and methodologies to the research and engineering communities who are intimately involved in dynamic stall. It is important that these capabilities are more widely known even with the plethora of peer-reviewed journals, there is still significant duplication on topics that have already been resolved. It is further necessary to determine the future path of research in this area what gaps in knowledge or roadblocks in methods development still remain In particular, active flow control AFC of dynamic stall has had significant funding in the past, but there are still no systems installed on current vehicles. Are there physics that can be exploited to make AFC viable Are there results from dynamic stall research on rotorcraft be leveraged in other fields such as fixed wing, windwave energy, and engine systems Panel sessions to discuss and disseminate these questions and others will be held.


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  • Military Aircraft Operations
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