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Level of Education and Workplace Satisfaction

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[Technical Report, Master's Thesis]

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The purpose of this study is to determine if education level and expertise, among other differentiable characteristics, have an impact on an employees job satisfaction specifically in roles supporting the Department of Defense DoD. This study focuses on civilians, military, and contractor respondents. This information can then be used to properly place and employ workers in the DoD and beyond. The secondary goal of this study is to develop a survey and method of surveying which will close the gap where there is currently no DoD wide survey or climate study that is standardized across all branches and applied to employees, military members and contractors. In many organizations, employees cannot be given rewards, paid more, or incentivized to work harder or love their job. It is up to management to properly align an employee with tasks that will make them happy. Happiness increasing productivity, or if the inverse where productivity increases happiness, is a question for a separate research effort. The desire for this research effort is to help management focus on the right individual characteristics in order to properly place individuals in positions to keep them happy, which is theorized to increase retention and productivity. For example, if salary is shown to be the only factor directly correlated to happiness, then that shows management that promotions, awards, etc. do not keep employees happy and are a waste of effort. Variables such as gender and other demographics will also help further refine the results. For example, are males satisfied by salary and females by awards The study suffered from a small sample size, but did yield interesting results. There were more satisfied employees and among them the key characteristic was their perception of the proper alignment between their abilities and their job, as well as their freedom to be creative. The demographics showed the more dissatisfied employees reported higher education levels.

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